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Dr. Christopher Moran represents Co-operation Ireland at The White House and Capitol Hill

Dr. Christopher Moran, Chairman of Co-operation Ireland and British Ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch KCMG attend a Friends of Ireland Lunch hosted by Nancy Pelosi on Capitol Hill and joined by President Trump and Vice-President Michael Pence and An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Christopher Moran attended a Capitol Hill lunch hosted by Nancy Pelosi and White House reception hosted by President Trump. Continue reading

Cabrach & Glenfiddich Estates Regeneration, Visitor Centre and Houses

Regeneration of the Cabrach & Glenfiddich Estates, visitors centre and houses under construction, in association with EDF

Regeneration of the Cabrach & Glenfiddich Estates, visitors centre and houses under construction, in association with EDF. #cabrach #glenfiddich

Dr. Christopher Moran toasts to Anglo-Irish Relations at City of London Dinner

Dr. Christopher Moran Alan Duncan Sir David Wooton Co-operation Ireland Mansion House City Dinner

Dr. Christopher Moran delivered a warm and personal toast “to Anglo-Irish relations” at the 2019 Co-operation Ireland annual City of London dinner, held in London’s historic Mansion House. The toast concluded the evening’s programme, which heard … Continue reading

Dr. Christopher Moran delivers speech at 2018 IPB Pride of Place Awards in Cork, Ireland

Christopher Moran Pride of Place 2018

800 community heroes from across the country attended the IPB Pride of Place Awards at Cork City Hall The annual competition, described as ‘The Oscars of the Community Sector,’ celebrates the often-unsung work of community groups … Continue reading

President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins: work of Co-operation Ireland “will and must continue”

President of Ireland Dr. Christopher Moran Peter Sheridan Football Friendly Martin O'Neill Michael O'Neill Dublin

“The great work towards peace and reconciliation undertaken by Co-operation Ireland, by the Irish and British Government, and by people of goodwill across our island, will and must continue.” – President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins … Continue reading

The Courtyards & Interior of Crosby Hall

Crosby Hall Oriel Window, in the home of Dr. Christopher Moran

Glimpse the stunning courtyards and interior of the architectural legacy English Heritage has dubbed “London’s Tudor palace,” “The most important surviving domestic Medieval building in London,” and “Extraordinary.” Continue reading